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Human Tips

Post  Hayabuza on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:24 am

There are many builds for humans. I have played both guardian and defender. I personally enjoy guard more. The most common builds for a guard are: pure str/3str 1vit/pure dex/3dex 1vit/hybrid. They are all good in different ways. For a beginner i would suggest the 3str 1 vit. This offers good base damage and a steady defense along with some HP. This is also the easiest build to "fund". The other builds are good however they may require more funding and are more complex. As far as skills go do whatever fits your style of playing. There are strict skill guides, but do whatever you think will make the game the most fun for you. Also if you can decide what you want to focus on either player vs player or player vs enviornment you will have an easier time deciding what skills to use. GL feel free to add to this because this is just a newbie guide


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