Scout Job Quest

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Scout Job Quest

Post  Hayabuza on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:27 am

1. The Scout Job Change Quest starts at Kai’non. Talk to Senecca. She will ask you to go find a statue
2. The Crumbling Statue can be found at the center of Gray Down Tower(Elf Map). Outside the tower are Ekzine monsters, just make your way passed through them. Click on the statue.
3. You have finished Quest1 in the Scout Job Change Quest. Go back to Senneca in Kainon to receive the second part of the Rohan quest. You will get a level 1 dagger. Use this dagger to kill a BERG monster, one will do. Once you have changed your job as a Rohan scout, you will be mastering the melee attack skills using a dagger.
4. You can find the Berg at the Akhma Cave. Also, Berg is the mini-boss in the Human Village coordinates (E-2) or (Pine Plateau at coordinates F-8 F-9), you need to kill it with the dagger given to you.
5. After your successfully kill Berg, return to Senecca. You have accomplished the second part of the Scout job Change Quest. On the third part, Senecca will give you a key to open the Felix box
6. The Felix box can be found inside Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan Map). This is the most difficult part because there are lots of monsters inside the sanctuary and this is not exactly your Rohan race territory. I suggest that you party up with a friend and just leave the party when you are about to open the box. Go inside the sanctuary and head straight then take two right path whenever you see a split path. After the two split paths, head forward and you will a room with flame spites and monsters.
7. You need to open the Felix box to accomplish the third part of Scout Job Change Quest
8. Return to Senecca to receive the fourth part of the Rohan quest.
9. You need to get 15 items by killing 15 Morvol monsters(Teleport to Pine Plateau Bindstone, go west to Shrouded Mansion then continue going to west from there until you find Morvols)
10. After you kill 15 of the monsters, go back to Kai’non. You are almost finished in the Rohan Scout Job Change Quest
11. Talk to Zhonat Rotus for your last quest to become a Rohan Scout. You just need to speak with Senecca.
12. Talk to Senecca to become a Rohan Scout. Congratulations!


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